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Learning to Read Hieroglyphics

Correspondence Course

Reading Hieroglyphics Correspondence Course

I have put this Introduction Course together with resources which may be purchased as a complete download.

Bernard Paul Badham

Physicist - Egyptologist - Author

Bromyard, Herefordhire, England UK

Translation Examples - Vocabulary - Exercises in Translation - Answers - Studies & Example Inscriptions

Students are able to submit their answers via email using the Answer Booklet for essential feedback

This course is designed to give the student of hieroglyphics numerous examples of translation for study


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Course Content - Downloads

Lesson Parts 1-4: includes Lessons 1-10 plus Studies in Reading Reading Ancient Egyptian Art

(404 pages)

Egyptian to English Hieroglyphic Dictionary (56 pages)

English to Egyptian Dictionary (24 pages)

Sign List (111 pages)

Final Exercise for Certification (2 pages)

Student Answer Booklet - for submitting answers for assessment and feedback (28 pages)

Certificate - on successful completion of the course



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Part 1: Lessons 1 - 3

(72 pages)

Introduction: The Language of Ancient Egypt 5

Lesson 1: Direction of Writing

Lesson 2: Ideograms and Sense Signs

Lesson 3: Biliteral Signs


Part 2: Lessons 4 - 7

(149 pages)

Lesson 4: Dependent Pronouns

Lesson 5: Independent Pronouns

Lesson 6: Plural and Dual

Lesson 7: Noun and Pronoun Syntax


Part 3: Lessons 8 - 10

(142 pages)

Lesson 8: Syntax of Adjectives

Lesson 9: Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

Lesson 10: Further Study of Syntax Structure


Part 4: Studies in Reading Reading Ancient Egyptian Art

(41 pages)

Cartouches of the Kings

Tomb of Tutankhamun

Canopic Jar Formulae

Ushabti Figures

Tomb of Nefertari

Final Exercise for Certification (2 pages)

Plus all above downloadable resources needed for study


Reading Hieroglyphics - Intermediate Course

Reading Hieroglyphics - Advanced Course


How to Study Hieroglyphics

I have produced a series of books on Amazon which will enable the student of hieroglyphics to progress from beginner to advanced level.

It is recommended that the student first works through my first book 'Learning to Read Hieroglyphs and Ancient Egyptian Art' in conjuction with the reference book 'Sign List & Vocabulary - Extended Edition.'

This study should then be followed by working through the examples of translation given in 'Examples & Exercises,' Book 1 and 2.

For further study and to help take the student to advanced level working through the 'Student Work Books' in conjunction with each 'Reading & Answer Book' is recommended.

For purchase of my books on reading hieroglyphics see my author website by clicking on the Kemet Scribe below:

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